Boho Princesses – Hippie Life – 2019

My life be like... #hippielife 😍 😇

- - -

Listen, I’ll tell you a story… 😉

She hit the plane with half a kilo
She turned around and said tranquilo
Tomorrow meet me at mi casa
Just call me when you know que pasa…

I think I'm falling for Consuela
She's from the slums of Venezuela
No I can't wait until mañana
I fly and meet you in Havana…

- - -
This will be for sure one of my fav photo session I've done so far! It was true hippie afternoon after true hippie weekend 🙈😅 Anyway ... see for yourself and check if you feel the real hippie vibes here 😉


- - -


Daria ( @dariabed )
Weronika ( @weronikaszyma )